Contraindications for Sildenafil

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To receive Kamagra (Sildenafil) you need a drink one pack product for 10-20 minutes before sexual intimacy. One pack of the product contains 100 mg of Sildenafil and is designed as a single dose. However, people over 65 years of age should not take more than half of the bag gel (50 mg).

Do not take Kamagra if you have the following contraindications:

  • severe forms of angina pectoris, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, in which it is prohibited by the increase in the physical burden characteristic when sexual intimacy;
  • renal failure in the terminal phase (the value of CC does not exceed 30 ml/min);
  • movement of a stroke, myocardial infarction in the last 6 months;
  • hereditary disorders of the retina of the eye (retinitis pigmentosa);
  • anatomical curvature of the male penis, propensity to priapism;
  • chronic vascular hypertension or hypotension;
  • joint treatment with nitrogen donor drugs;
  • Kamagra is not intended for use by women and youth under 18 years of age.
  • cirrhosis, myeloma, Peyronie’s disease;
  • diseases of the circulatory system (hemophilia, leukemia, thrombocytopenia);
  • sickle cell anemia, epilepsy;
  • other diseases, accompanied by bleeding;
  • stomach or duodenal ulcer;
  • retiniana, which are hereditary.

Also you shouldn’t use Kamagra (Sildenafil):

  • In case of Allergy to some generic components of Kamagra, that can cause side effects or complications of chronic poisoning disorders.
  • Avoid the adverse effects of the drug on the body, start taking the Kamagra with minimal doses.
  • Sildenafil is not recommended for underage men, children and women.

The product should not be taken in combination with antidepressants, anti-HIV drugs, amphetamines. Kamagra interactions with these medications can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure. Also, a heart attack is possible.

With regular use of medications, dilating blood vessels, you should limit the doses of Kamagra to a minimum.

You can not drink alcohol for 12 hours before using Kamagra, since Sildenafil and alcohol are not compatible.


If I took Kamagra I feel like the king of the world after sex, and without it I constantly have problems with erection. I usually take 50 mg, and everything goes as it should. But if I just need to amaze a girl – then surely it should be 100 mg. The last time we watched some porn with my wife, so then after taking 100 mg we had such a glorious sex that the actors would envy. Besides, since my childhood I hate to take pills, I always cracked a tablet for hundred pieces. And with Kamagra Jelly, there are no such problems and it tasted like strawberry.


I am satisfied Kamagra and recently found another plus in this med. Its compatible with alcohol. Recently I took the pill after drinking wine. At first I thought that I probably made a mistake and there will be no effect at all. But it was all great and even better!


In the past six months, I suffer from an erectile dysfunction. Moved to the capital and not yet used to the rhythm of the big city. Also not everything turned out well with my work. All the same, moving was a great stress for me and for the first time I couldn’t get an erection. Kamagra really helped and quickly returned me to full sexual life.