Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

treatment of an erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or ED is considered a fairly common problem among men. According to recent statistics, every fifth man in the world has it. Although it is not a fatal disease, it has a wide range of negative consequences. First of all, for men it creates a psychological fear of intercourse and lack of confidence. Nowadays, pharmaceutical industry developed an effective medicine to help men with erectile dysfunction and give them a present of active sexual life back.

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Let’s talk about Kamagra and discuss what makes it a popular drug for erectile dysfunction. Its invention became a scientific breakthrough. With high precision it solves a key problem of ED with the help of its basic active substance of sildenafil.

In case of erectile dysfunction, it is good to be informed about its causes and risk factors. Remember that any dysfunction of the genitourinary system can be a sign or risk factor of ED. In case of persistent problems with erection, a man cannot perform during a sexual intercourse and even if it already began, he cannot ejaculate. Some men decide to use a prostate massager in hope to improve their condition.

Men are often worried about problems with ejaculation. They don’t consider an extended erection without ejaculation a problem but are worried about premature ejaculation. They don’t know it is deceptive because a prolonged erection without ejaculation is also a bad symptom. Keep in mind that lowering or temporary loss of sexual desire is a good time to start prophylaxis or treatment with sildenafil. As men get older, they get more risk factors. It’s better to think and take care of your health when you are 30-35 to extend and keep your sexual life going.

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption cause adverse and irreversible effects on male health. Nicotine and alcohol in combination damage cardiovascular and nervous systems and affect blood circulation.

Kamagra works by blocking of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 and relaxing the smooth muscles of the cavernous body and improving the blood flow to penis. It facilitates a firm and lasting erection necessary for successful and enjoyable sexual intercourse. Moreover, the drug prevents premature ejaculation.

The drug helps men to achieve erection and restores normal ejaculation. It increases sexual libido and its beneficial effects last longer that a day. Take the pill as recommended about an hour before the planned sexual intercourse.


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Problems with erection were a real tragedy for me. I had a childhood disease that caused regular problems with erection when I grew up. I could not take it any longer and I went to a doctor. He recommended Kamagra and told that it is similar to Viagra. I decided to try. I got a positive result in half an hour after taking the blue pill. In the process of a prelude, I achieved a firm erection. That time my girlfriend didn’t complain about my “soft” penis. I enjoyed sex that actually about 4 hours. I performed 5 or 6 times, I do not remember exactly. I took the pills on an empty stomach because I read in the instructions that it was more effective. Now I use the drug regularly 3-4 times a week and I have no side effects. I’m happy and my girl is very happy too.