Always to be a man

Men used to called representatives of the stronger sex, expecting the constant manifestation of this force. Yes, modern society is gradually retreating from patriarchal gender stereotypes, but all the same, and now it is the man in him who is considered the head of the family, and at the same time – the main earner of material goods.

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It is the man who is responsible for making the most important decisions, and at the same time the responsibility for them. As before, men are expected to have enough sexual activity. And this is not just a social stereotype, it is a given, rooted in the depths of centuries. Only a healthy, active man is able to leave behind a healthy, strong, enduring and numerous offspring, and such offspring have always been considered the key to the prosperity of the family.

However, the modern reality is that men are increasingly faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction. And it’s not just about the representatives of the stronger middle and older age – with problems of this kind quite often encounter very young guys who should not have any difficulties in the intimate terms. But this is reality: the challenges, numerous work and personal tasks take away all the forces, and in some cases, health.

To tolerate this is unacceptable – both young and mature men. Reasonable sexual activity is not only a source of pleasure, but also an important factor in the mental and physical, including hormonal, health of a man.

First of all, it is important to determine the cause of erectile dysfunction. As a rule, it is set by the doctor after examination of the patient, to have a conversation with him. The reasons for this disease can be different. Among the most common are infectious diseases of the genitourinary system (including sexually transmitted infections), the consequences of injuries, anomalies of genitalia, cardiovascular and endocrine pathologies, a sedentary lifestyle with all the consequences, from overweight to blood stagnation in organs of the small pelvis.

Harmful habits for health, not only alcohol abuse, but also smoking, which provokes spasm of blood vessels and is an objective obstacle to a normal erection. A great role is played by the psychological well-being of men: constant stress, mental exhaustion, persistent fatigue – not the best background for normal intimate life.

After the cause of erectile dysfunction is established, you should proceed to its treatment. Drug therapy plays the leading role, but many men who have tried to solve the problem with drugs know that most drugs intended to restore potency are expensive, or do not have the desired effect. Now men have a choice. For example, a new drug Kamagra.

Its reception enhances the erection and contributes to its preservation throughout the sexual intercourse. The drug helps to spend a romantic evening, make sex bright and gorgeous. It is acceptable to combine the product with a moderate amount of alcohol: one or two glasses of wine, for example, which often complement a romantic evening.

The delicate problem of erectile dysfunction must be addressed. Restoration of a normal sexual life positively affects the psychological status of a man, which is very important for his overall health.