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Kamagra (Sildenafil citrate)

Generic Name: Sildenafil
Brands Names: Viagra, Revatio

Price Range: $0.95 – $2.15
Dosage: 100mg / 50mg

What is Kamagra

Kamagra contains the maximum allowable dose of sildenafil (100 mg). This drug has helped many new customers. For example, for most men demonstrating no anatomical deformations of the penis, it only takes 50 mg of Kamagra to achieve an erection. As such, after purchasing a blister 4-pack, this actually translates to 8 “nights of love.”

Modern men know how to improve sexual performance. To date, many pharmaceutical companies offer drugs that increase libido, improve erectile function, and prolong the time of sexual intercourse. Development and testing aimed at this marked allow manufacturers to produce more and more effective drugs. Undoubtedly, the recognized leaders in this industry are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

However, since considerable financial investments have been made focusing on development, testing, and patents, the cost of male-focused sexual potency drugs is quite high. Numerous manufacturers have been closely following the new patented drugs in this series. It is because a patent is of limited duration. Therefore, after patent expiration, any manufacturer is allowed to produce generic variants of brand-name drugs. Substantial financial investment is not needed for development, testing, etc. since the original drug has already gone through these processes. Thus, all that is needed are the financial resources for adding non-active components, manufacturing, and packaging (this is considered the intellectual property of the pioneer).

For these reasons is why Kamagra, which is an excellent generic of Viagra, is less expensive for users. However, the quality of Kamagra, or Kamagra Soft are equal to that of Viagra.

Kamagra Oral Jelly is a relatively new product available from the pharmacological industry that has an effect that is similar to well-known “blue” tablets.

Active component of Kamagra

Sildenafil was originally developed in the search for drugs aimed at treating coronary heart disease. During this process, scientists were impressed by one of the side effects, which was increased blood flow within the penis. Accordingly, from 1992-1994, research and development of sildenafil moved towards a different direction, which led to the first version of Viagra. Following clinical trial testing and patenting of the drug Viagra, the campaign for this type of drug for men became world-famous, and for some time this product monopolized the market. Nevertheless, since the expiration of the patent, this has allowed for other companies to copy the working formula. Subsequently, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil have been developed, which has allowed for healthy competition with the Viagra brand.

Men react differently to the wide variety of available products aimed at treating erectile dysfunction (ED). For example, some men prefer expensive and proven drugs, whereas others prefer generics at a lesser cost. Naturally, the use of generics means less cost without sacrificing product quality.

Pharmacological effect

Reasons for normal erectile function include full functioning capillaries dispersed throughout the penis. Blood flows throughout capillaries and does so only when nitric oxide is effectively released within these vessels. Accordingly, nitric oxide helps with relaxing smooth muscle while allowing for rapid blood flow through the capillaries within the penis leading to a powerful erection. If for some reason nitric oxide is not released or weakly released, blood flow is lessened and erectile dysfunction occurs.
Kamagra basically works to simply organize chemical processes within the human body in such a way that the nitric oxide can be released within blood vessels in adequate quantities. Thus, capillaries are able to relax all while contributing to increased blood flow.

Indications for use

For any man over 18 years of age with weakened erectile function should consider taking Kamagra. Take as little as half a tablet one hour prior to sexual intercourse. Men of older age sometimes are told to take a lesser dose at 25 mg (a quarter of a pill) because it takes longer for the drug to be removed in the body due to aging effects.

Mode of application

Kamagra should be taken orally with a small amount of water about a half hour prior to having sex. The effectiveness of Kamagra is not influenced by concurrent food consumption.


Kamagra and the underlying active ingredient are so harmless that even patients with severe renal failure are not prohibited from taking this drug. However, in such extreme patient cases, it is still recommended that the dose should be reduced to 25 mg. The same should be done if a person has impaired renal function.
The dose of Kamagra should also be reduced when taken with other drugs.

Kamagra should not be taken more than once per day. This drug should also not be taken while consuming alcohol or fatty food.
The use of Kamagra should also be avoided if you have experienced a recent heart attack or stroke (within the past six months). This drug should not be combined with other medicines containing nitrates and/or other drugs containing nitric oxide.
Men who have deformities of the penis should not take Kamagra.

Possible side effects

According to clinical research, there are rare instances where side effects occur when taking Kamagra. Nevertheless, if side effects occur, it is important to immediately stop taking Kamagra and seek medical care.

In other rare cases when taking Kamagra, users may experience a headache, dizziness, palpitations, facial flushing, impaired perception of color and odor, nasal congestion and nosebleeds or disturbed gastrointestinal tract function.

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